1 Month, 100 New Cities for Deliveroo, with BOOM’s Scalability


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Food Delivery

Discover how BOOM brought impact to its clients through its streamlined visual content production.

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a leading online food delivery company operating worldwide, with a platform offering menu items from a very wide range of restaurants.


With 11 affiliated countries and operations in eight countries, when Deliveroo came to BOOM, they weren’t just looking for a visual asset supplier, but for a real global partner able to cover the extensive range of their key markets. BOOM answered the call, demonstrating that its scalable solutions could ensure quality consistency and fast delivery of assets regardless of location.


BOOM grabbed the challenge with both hands and put on their thinking caps. The network of photographers was activated to kick-off a collaboration in Italy.

Mission accomplished, Deliveroo took the collaboration one step further, making full use of BOOM’s efficiency, speed and scalability.

BOOM opened in 100 cities in Spain in less than a month, going from a pilot of 7 services to a fullspeed 350 photoshoots the month after, always delivered within 24h.

And for the Deliveroo Global Operations Partner, “BOOM really stands out from other service providers on grounds of their adaptability and responsiveness. If we need a custom shoot at a short notice, BOOM will help.”


Numbers don’t lie, but with BOOM, neither do pictures. “Having 15-25 images on a menu can increase a restaurant’s order by more than 10%,” comments Deliveroo’s global operations partner. “The fast booking and delivery turnaround times have a positive impact on order volume and menu conversion on the platform.” Following the Italy and Spain collaboration, Deliveroo’s partnership with BOOM expanded to include the vast majority of European countries, while breaking new ground in Australia, and becoming the company’s global provider in the process.

BOOM has been able to support our operations very well, suggesting improvements to existing processes and establishing clear structures where possible,”

Says Deliveroo

“This has been a major contributor to our recent partnership expansion as it has allowed our photoshoot booking and file delivery process to scale up in an efficient and sustainable way.”

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