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On-site or in our studios, get visual coverage of your products and services with our production experts.

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GetYourGuide Updates Over 1000 Web Pages in Less than 10 Days with BOOM Visuals


Berlin, Germany






Discover how BOOM brought impact to its clients through its streamlined visual content production.

About GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is a tourism industry leader that gathers the best activities and traveling experiences on a single digital platform, making it easy for users to browse and book destinations and adventures.


When GetYourGuide approached BOOM, the booking tour service provider was operating in full emergency mode. The Executive Mission: to get photography coverage of a thousand meeting points. Objective: To improve customer experience. Challenge: To produce and deliver all pictures within 10 days.

Visual content and travel are essentially inseparable concepts. We use visual content not only to inspire and excite our customers but also to ensure that they feel informed and confident enough to book based on what they’ve seen.

Senior Visual Content Specialist, GetYourGuide

Producing activity imagery at scale is a huge challenge, so anywhere we can improve our efficiency and have reliable help is extremely useful – which is where working with BOOM on a lastminute project proved to be a great experience.


Nothing stimulates BOOM like a new challenge. Signed contracts in hand, guidelines were established and photographers were assigned throughout France, Italy and the US.

Within days we had agreed on a process that worked for all of us, and photographers were out gathering the imagery we needed,

Senior Visual Content Specialist, GetYourGuide

BOOM’s automated order system platform took it from there, scheduling the hundreds of photoshoots ordered in different locations, and making it possible for GetYourGuide to receive post-produced content 24h later.

Everything was delivered exactly to the quality we hoped for, and within an extremely tight turnaround time – making everything much easier.


GetYourGuide was able to update the 1000 pages of meeting points on their website, providing a consistent and uniform upgrade throughout all three key countries.


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