Glovo Increased Sales by 25% Thanks to BOOM’s Solutions


Barcelona, Spain




Food Delivery

Discover how BOOM brought impact to its clients through its streamlined visual content production.

About Glovo

From Barcelona to the world. Glovo is the app that allows you to get the best products in your city. Glovo was launched in early 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud. Since then, Glovo has launched in 21 countries and over 876 cities worldwide. Today, it is the largest on-demand platform founded out of mainland Europe, having delivered over 224M orders.


Glovo wanted to give their restaurants the possibility to have professional visuals throughout their app, in order to increase booking conversion and have more clients. They needed a partner with a global footprint, a network of skilled photographers, who could manage operations in different locations with a robust infrastructure to open in new cities in a short time.


After an initial successful test, BOOM & Glovo expanded the partnership.

  • Custom integration with API. BOOM built a dedicated landing page within the Glovo Marketplace, where restaurants could choose their visual package and the date of the photoshoot. How does it work? Once a restaurant books the service - thanks to the API integration - the order comes directly to BOOM’s visual production platform, setting the wheels in motion: a photographer is assigned and handed the dedicated brand guidelines, photoshoot logistics are organized and restaurants notified. Visuals are then post-produced in 48 hours and ready for final delivery.

  • Guest access: BOOM opened the guest access functionality to allow each Glovo restaurant to monitor the order status, to reschedule it if needed, and to

  • Download the final visual assets. Thanks to this functionality, each restaurant can autonomously manage their orders without contacting Glovo’s support and operations team.

  • Custom communication: BOOM created custom communication for Glovo’s restaurants in order to provide a smooth booking process and make sure the Glovo brand’s look & feel remains consistent across the board.


  • 4 Countries opened in Europe and more to come

  • Increase in restaurant sales 15%-25%

  • A dedicated custom API integration allowing booking and organisation time reduced by 40%

  • Average delivery time in 24h (5x faster than average market)

Through integration developed with BOOM, we have been able to find a one-stop solution that is hassle-free. In other words, we don’t need to have resources to manage visual content production, it runs by itself.

Says Glovo

Visual transformation in a snap