Worksite Solutions Reduce Westwing’s Time-To-Market by 30-40%


Munich, Germany




Furniture e-Commerce


A leading ecommerce company in the field of home decor and furnishing, present in 11 countries across Europe.


When Westwing first came to BOOM in 2019, they were looking for a cost-effective visual production solution for their wide e-commerce business. As BOOM evolved into a Saas model, offering streamlined services for management and collaboration, Westwing enjoyed the benefits of a system that made their process efficient, and saved them valuable time beyond the production aspect of the operation.


With Worksite, all visual assets produced by BOOM are automatically stored, tagged, and organized in a way that makes it easy for Westwing to navigate through the thousands of files they’ve acquired throughout the years. For Westwing, the Worksite’s most useful features turned out to be the search and filter. “We used to send each other zip files or wetransfer links, which made it impossible to find visuals easily,” said Westwing Head of Photography Francesco Romeo. “The worksite made it possible for us to find visuals in minutes, without needing to download anything, when it could take up to a good half hour to find something before.”

With Worksite, visuals can be searched by tags such as name, date, color, object, among others. Collaboration also improved with Worksite. “As with other companies, we didn’t have a standardized organizational process, and so visual asset management used to depend on people’s personal system, and it would often result in confusion, especially during periods of turnover. Worksite’s intuitive organization makes it easy to work with visual assets regardless of who is using it.”


The Worksite made it possible for Westwing and BOOM to improve their overall production process by 30-40%. “The Worksite gives us more control, the notifications help us keep track of the production,” said Francesco Romeo.

“Moreover, the unit system has become a huge plus. Instead of requesting quotes for a day’s work, acquiring more units for specific content packages is definitely helpful when we need extra services. The transparency of the system helps us make decisions.”

Visual transformation in a snap