3 ways to streamline workflow with visual asset management

BY BOOM Editorial

We know what you’re probably thinking - visual content management is all about storing and archiving files and very little else, right? Well sure, getting organized is part of it but there’s much more to visual content marketing than just keeping track of incoming and outgoing files. In fact, visual asset management can do wonders to streamline your company’s workflow and internal processes.  

Here are three ways in which visual asset management can streamline your company’s workflow: 

  1. Get visuals approved on the spot
    Getting material approved is one of the most important parts of visual marketing. Picture the process involved in getting visuals approved. Uploading visuals on a zip file maybe? Sending them via email and getting a client or manager to let you know which ones work? Or forming a new folder on Google Drive renamed “def”? With Worksite, you can approve and reject visuals directly on the platform, with just one click (either on the “approve” or “reject” icon), enough to discard visuals that don’t make the cut. 

  2. Customize and publish visuals in a click
    Stop for a minute and think. How many times have you had to write/call your favorite graphic designer for a last-minute cropping or editing job? And how about allocating a resource to upload entire product offers on a website or social media? A visual asset management system can save you the trouble of relying on other people. Worksite’s features are built to make it extra easy to customize visuals, even for different social media formats, with presets designed to crop with the exact dimensions of, say, a Facebook cover or Instagram stories. In addition, publishing online becomes a hassle-free task with publishing links that allow you to copy and paste dedicated links to upload visuals anywhere online. Think of the time you save!

  3. Assign tasks and communicate faster!
    Picture this - a big project comes to your table, lots of moving parts, lots of people involved. How do you usually delegate it all quickly and efficiently? Sure, you can email, text, create a special group on your instant messenger system, but with Worksite, you can also communicate right then and there. Collaboration features include assigning tasks and mentioning people, leaving comments, and as mentioned above, approve/reject visuals. Everything you need to delegate specific tasks as directly as possible. How does that sound? 

Interested in streamlining your own company’s workflow with Worksite?

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