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Beta Program Released for Upcoming Worksite

BY BOOM Editorial

Our worksite is on its way, and this week has proven to be crucial because we released our beta program for a limited set of users. 

What are they testing exactly? A digital working space where users can organize their visual assets any way they like, perform quick actions such as tagging collaborators, or renaming and sharing files thanks to a CDN that copies the image link and deploys it directly on external websites or apps. 

And while a chosen few are currently giving it a test drive, our product team has been working hard to release more features that’ll soon make their way onto the worksite. For instance, we’ve just completed the filter by color feature, which will be one of the many advanced filter options available to search for visuals (others include size, date, name, objects in images…).

Interested in becoming part of our pilot and testing the future of visual asset management? 

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