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BOOM Revamps Visual Content Platform

BY Daniele Tognetti

The BOOM platform, which handles entire visual content management lifecycles for clients worldwide, is getting a makeover.

From the very beginning, BOOM introduced a new way to produce and manage custom visual content thanks to an end-to-end platform able to handle limitless amounts of orders anywhere in the world.

Now this platform has been completely redesigned as per BOOM’s new visual identity, and has been upgraded to make it even easier to access, store, and manage visual content all in one place.

Improvements include:

  • A more efficient workflow, from placing orders to monitoring and managing visual content.

  • A new high-performance infrastructure to speed up page loading and operative tasks.

  • An optimized and more organized overview of orders and visuals.

BOOM has all you need to scale visual experiences for every customer without overwhelming your team. A simpler process to create and manage your visual content, which has already helped many clients optimize their efficiency and sales performance.

Ordering becomes a breeze

Save time on organisational tasks and get back to business, thanks to a faster and smoother flow to order visual content sessions anywhere on the planet, anytime!

A simplified experience to monitor visual content production

Faster and more organized than before, thanks to an intuitive order list structure.

Oversee, share & download assets

BOOM puts you into control of produced visual content, thanks to a redesigned gallery feature. The goal is to facilitate team collaboration, because the less time you spend organizing and sharing visuals, the more attention you have for more pressing tasks.

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