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What are your ambitions for your brand? Chances are, your wish list includes lots of revenue-generating campaigns for a growing list of marketing channels. You want to leverage the power of brand assets such as video and great visuals, without breaking your budget. You also want to increase content production while maintaining a strong, consistent message. 

Brand Asset Management (BAM) provides precisely the framework you need for scaling up content creation while keeping control over how your brand is represented. Discover how brand asset management software can help you safeguard and strengthen your brand, while boosting your market reach and long-term profitability 

What is brand asset management? 

‘Brand assets’ are all of those elements you use to represent your brand’s unique identity. Some examples include your name and logo, frequently used graphics, photos and video, design templates, audio jingles, custom typography and color palettes. 

Brand asset management (BAM) refers to the organization, storage, retrieval, distribution and general management of these assets. 

So why do you need a dedicated system for this? When your brand scales up its marketing activities across lots of different channels, you can end up with a whole bunch of design files scattered across the business. A best-in-class BAM system like BOOM provides a centralized space to store, organize and share assets. Creatives can easily get their hands on the assets they need, right when they need them. It’s also an excellent brand governance tool, as it allows managers to keep an eye on how those assets are being put to work. 

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How does brand asset management help make a long-lasting brand? 

Brand governance and safeguarding

Brand governance is a kind of balancing act. On the one hand, you want to encourage your teams to get creative, to find new ways to use existing assets and respond to new trends and customer preferences. On the other, you don’t want to jeopardize your reputation by confusing your core message or by publishing content that’s at odds with your values. 

Used in the right way, BAM can empower your teams to get creative, while also providing a framework to ensure your branding guidelines are adhered to. In this respect, BOOM is so much more than an asset storage hub. It enables you to tag and annotate assets, explaining clearly how those assets can and can’t be deployed or altered by different teams. It’s about encouraging creativity, while keeping your message and reputation intact.  

Clarity and consistency 

From flagship video ads through to viral snippets on Insta, it’s likely that your audience is interacting with your business through a huge variety of touchpoints. With so many channels in play as part of your long-term brand strategy, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that your core message and customer experience is coherent and consistent. 

Through BOOM, you can easily build up a library of pre-approved assets, along with clearly defined rules on how these assets can be altered for different platforms. In this way, BAM is ideal for businesses that want to build up their presence across multiple channels, while retaining message consistency. 

For more information on this, see our guide to omnichannel marketing. 

Accelerating brand growth 

It’s not hard to see why so many ambitious brands invest in video and high-quality imagery for long-term growth. These media are awesome for capturing the attention of new audiences while also representing your brand in the best possible light. 

However, great visual content usually takes time to produce and doesn’t come cheap; especially if you have exacting quality standards. One of the best things about BAM software such as BOOM is that it makes it easy to repurpose existing content. Rather than automatically commissioning or creating new work from scratch, employees can browse your searchable asset library to see whether there are any existing assets that could be repurposed. The solution’s quick editing feature also makes it a lot easier to customize those assets - while still sticking to your branding ‘rulebook’ - even without specialist design skills. (Get more content repurposing tips here). 

All of this facilitates quicker, on-brand, more cost-effective content creation: just what you need for a growing business with an ambitious content production schedule. 

Tracking and management 

The BOOM Worksite makes it easy to remove superfluous or defunct assets. This pretty much eliminates the risk of your brand being weakened by an out-of-date strapline or the wrong product photo erroneously appearing in one of your campaigns. 

Thanks to the Worksite, it has never been easier for managers to drop in on projects and check when, where and how your video and image files are being put to work across the business. 

Safe, effective collaboration 

As you scale up your marketing activities, there’s often much more reliance on external parties for content creation. BOOM is cloud-based, enabling users to access your assets and collaborate from anywhere. Meanwhile, fine-grained permission controls prevent unauthorized access and prevent sensitive work-in-progress from falling into the wrong hands.   

Why is brand consistency important?

On average, it takes 5 to 7 touchpoints for a potential new customer to even remember a brand. And of course, increasingly, those touchpoints will likely be spread across multiple channels. 

So what does this mean for marketing and branding campaigns? For a start, it doesn’t mean having to stick to the ‘same old’ content time and again. You can (and should!) adapt with dynamic, eye-catching campaigns, optimized appropriately for different channels. But at the same time, it’s worth isolating your core brand elements - e.g. your logo, color schemes, typography and core messages - and making sure these are retained in all your material. That way, you’re eliminating the risk of customer confusion, while reinforcing the strength of your brand through each and every interaction. 

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With its unparalleled ability to help you manage, repurpose and realize maximum ROI from brand assets, BOOM Worksite was designed specifically with ‘brand boosting’ in mind.

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