Digital Nomads: How to generate more bookings for your short-term rentals

The digital nomad trend is going mainstream. From globetrotting single thirty-somethings to a family of four interested in a one or three-month rental, remote working offers options to millions of people.

It’s also an opportunity for short-term rentals to expand their guest profile. By making a few improvements in their short-term rental amenities, offering flexibility, and highlighting the business-grade amenities with professional photography, property managers can attract more digital nomads for longer stays.

Key Takeaways :

  • Digital nomadism is set to be a huge shift in the short-term rental industry and one that all managers and platforms should take note of.

  • Flexibility in bookings and lengths of stay will be key to attracting these guests.

  • Spaces tailored for working with business-ready amenities should be considered, created, and shown off for each property.

  • Providing deeper information about the rental property and its amenities can set properties apart from their competitors.

  • Treat guests as if they were locals and not tourists if they are coming for an extended stay.

  • The sky's the limit for digital nomads, don't discount properties off the beaten track or outside cities as long as there is good Wi-Fi.

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