Drones Drive the Bottom Line for Real Estate

BY BOOM Editorial

Drone photography grabs the attention of your potential home buyers online. They work so well that the MLS found homes with aerial footage and photographs sell an average of 68% faster than those listings without images.

While you’re probably aware of the scroll-stopping power of gorgeous real estate photography, you might be surprised at the impact drone shots have on home sales. 83% of home sellers say they prefer agents who use them.

3 Benefits for Using Drones in Your Real Estate Marketing

Since potential home buyers start their property search online, your real estate photography can make the difference between capturing their attention and not. In fact, 72.2% of realtors report high-quality visual content helps them win more listings.

Since drones can capture the property quicker than traditional photography and provide different perspectives, they’re excellent for the real estate market.

1-Create more compelling and dramatic visual content

Drones can bring different viewpoints and, sometimes, a hint of drama. From reveals to montages to showing hard-to-reach areas, drones invite people along for the property tour and keep them watching.

They can soar above the trees and reveal a stunning home, then zoom in closer to show specific details like peering into the great room from the bay window.

Drone property photography is especially effective for capturing the size and scale of a property since it can give an aerial view.

2- Show the situation, scale, and neighborhood of the property

In pre-internet days, people had to physically drive by a property to get a sense of the neighborhood. Now they can click on a real estate listing with excellent visual content.

Drones help prospective buyers get a birds-eye view of the property so potential buyers can have a sense of scale. They can see how close they are to neighbors, any additional buildings on the property, and areas ideal for gardening, relaxing, or playing.

3- Highlight standout property features

Imagine you have a long, tree-lined driveway leading to a spacious home. A drone can take your viewer on a virtual tour leading them down the winding lane and opening to the columned porch and circular driveway.

Drone real estate photography can help your viewer feel part of the story. They’re so effective that high-volume real estate agents are 3.5x more likely to use drone aerial shots than low-volume agents.

What to Consider Before Booking Your Drone Photography

1- Type of drone required

Some drones have longer flight times, and others have higher picture quality. Which you need depends on the style and type of property photography you want. An experienced drone operator can help plan your shoot, so you get the best visual content for your listing.

2- Sourcing a skilled drone operator

While anyone can buy a drone, operating it requires experience. A skilled drone pilot knows how to take the best shots efficiently and safely because they’ve spent hours learning how to navigate them. They’ll take the proper precautions, so there’s less chance of crashing.

3- Local regulations (may require a license) and consideration of neighbors

Each township or neighborhood may have its own regulations regarding drones. They may require a license, and there may be insurance requirements. It’s courtesy to let the neighbors know if you’ll be shooting drone footage. A professional drone operator can help you navigate local requirements.

If you’d like the advantages of using drone property photography in your listings, BOOM can help.

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