How to keep your ecommerce brand's operations time effective

BY BOOM Editorial

The real-life day-to-day work of an ecommerce brand is less Emily in Paris and more about keeping track of photography, launch dates, digital assets and marketing successes. There are a lot of moving parts in these businesses and content to organize.

Take managing multiple visual assets: it’s only one part of a busy marketer's role, yet it can eat hours every week. Unless you have a good content management platform, you can waste time tracking down photography, managing approvals, and gathering assets for campaigns. You’ll probably agree you’d rather spend your time dreaming up new marketing campaigns and enjoying the sales conversions than searching email threads for essential information. 

So what exactly is a content management platform? It’s the latest must-have digital tool for collaborative ecommerce brands. Imagine a well-organized closet where the shoes are to the left, the purses to the right, and in the middle are the latest styles organized by color and size - this is how your content can be arranged. A content management platform serves as a repository for the brand’s visual assets where you can see at a glance what you have, what you don’t, and what photography you need for upcoming marketing campaigns. 

Let’s take fashion brands as an example. Listen up fashionistas as we outline what a content management platform can do for you!

Why a content management platform helps busy fashion brands launch campaigns faster 

eMarketer predicts an ecommerce growth of 5 trillion by 2023. That means more competition every day for your customer’s attention. 

With a content management platform, you can streamline workflow for easier collaboration and faster conversions, so you stay connected with your customers. It’s a single source for all things visual content, so you can enjoy the ease of searching by tags to find the perfect image. Imagine sorting by color, object, name, date, or whatever makes sense to you. You can even order visual content, approve it, share it with your team, publish, and store it all in one place with the right tool.

When your fashion brand maintains established workflows, you can skip the improvisations that bog down production. Forget wasting hours searching for content, reshooting content, or answering messages about where such and such is. You’ll work from a simple workflow that speeds up getting your product to market. 

Plus, it’s easy to keep your brand identity, maintaining consistency. Everyone on the team has the most current designs, colors, and logos. You will also reduce security risks by allowing access only to those in your team. 

How to win back time for creativity and collaboration with a content management platform

With a content management platform like BOOM Worksite, you have complete control and quickly get the bespoke images you need. Simply fill out a form that shares your vision, and within 48 hours, you’ll have the visual content necessary for your e-commerce site and marketing campaigns to convert visitors into buyers. 

Our platform integrates with your cloud, sales, and content management tools like a well-designed fashion collection. 

The result? More time for creation and team collaboration. 

As a cloud-based tool, digital asset management platforms work well with remote teams. With everything in one place, you skip the wonky file sharing and end the frustration of searching email threads. Instead, collaboration is a smooth experience because everyone can see at a glance the past and the present to create the future. 

It pays off too. Some brands enjoy a 25% increase in conversions with our automated visual content management platform. You can easily calendar your campaigns and schedule digital photography shoots in minutes. Approve the images 48 hours later and share them with your team. You’ll trim days or weeks off your production schedule. 

As you can see, using a content management platform like Worksite makes sense for ecommerce brands. It reduces tech clutter, enhances security, improves efficiency, and simplifies collaboration. As a bonus, it makes content management as enjoyable as a well-organized fashion closet! Experience the benefits today and discover the benefits of enhancing your ecommerce brand’s efficiency. 

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