The best Google Drive alternatives

BY BOOM Editorial

Using a cloud-based drive is a must in today’s world. Whether your workplace has wi-fi or you collaborate in a shared office space, an accessible online drive is essential for storing and sharing files, enhancing collaboration, and tightening security. 

If you’re looking for a reliable online drive, you’ve likely come across Google Drive - however, this isn’t always the most suitable option for creatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives better suited to today’s workflow and security concerns. 

Why choose a Google Drive alternative?

Thanks to enhanced organization and integration, many Google Drive alternatives offer better security and can be used to boost productivity. You can streamline your entire creative workflow using a secure, cloud-based tool developed for modern content creation, approvals and distribution. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a Google Drive alternative: 


Google Drive is a convenient cloud storage option, but it’s not the most robust in cybersecurity. While Google Drive does use secure servers to store data, the scope of connectivity coupled with weak passwords, lost devices, and third-party Google Add-Ons often makes it unreliable.

Data breaches are always a risk, but using a reliable Google Drive alternative will give you peace of mind that your files are safe and secure. 


A Cornell study found employees lose nearly an hour a day searching for information and files across software platforms. There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly searching for the latest version of your work - or worse still, sending the wrong version to clients and colleagues. 

Whether you work alone or are part of a big team, it’s not uncommon to store important information across different platforms, from emails and texts to Google Drive or Adobe Creative Suite. However, this often results in lost files and wasted time. 

Streamlining your workflow using a Google Drive alternative could save you and your team time, effort and resources. 

Greater visual asset management

Creating visual assets - including graphics, photos and videos - is key for successful marketing campaigns. But, managing visual assets is just as important as creating them, so it’s crucial to have a reliable asset management process in place. 

Without a solid system to manage visual assets, many companies complain of duplicated content, lost assets, and a disjointed brand - often because partners don’t have access to a library of brand-approved assets.

A robust Google Drive alternative will help you efficiently manage your brand assets across platforms, ensuring all assets are safely saved in one space. 

Streamlined team collaboration

Many Google Drive alternatives are designed with team collaboration in mind. An AI-enabled search allows a team to tag and organize visual content by size, color, date, image, make, and other identifiers. This makes it easier for teams to assign tasks, keep track of projects and manage assets. 

In some cases, Google Drive alternatives allow users to order content, edit work and send approvals all in one easy-to-use system. You can assign digital rights and access to specific individuals or groups, ensuring everyone has copies of saved files. 

Better sharing and integration

Using a Google Drive alternative can enhance integration and result in a better sharing experience. For example, look at the typical G-Drive workflow. You share the right file with a photo editor, they then open the file to upload it to an editing program. Once the edit is complete, the editor must download the file and return to you for approval. Then, the file is loaded into the CMS. That’s a lot of steps for a simple edit! 

Many Google Drive alternatives use an API to connect to your CMS and graphics programs (like Adobe), meaning all of these steps are integrated into one tool. No more time wasted switching between programs and chasing file permissions.  

Alternatives to Google Drive also allow you to apply expiration dates to certain assets, so that collaborators only use the current and correct ones. You’ll never have to worry about a collaborator posting the wrong image again. 

Which is the best alternative to Google Drive?

Now that you have a better understanding of digital asset management and how Google Drive alternatives can streamline your workflow, it’s time to find the right one for you and your team. If you want a powerful Google Drive alternative developed with innovative brands in mind, BOOM is your answer. BOOM Worksite gives your team the tools to organize, find, approve, and manage your content for a strong and cohesive brand. 

Discover how Worksite can help you transition your visual assets from Google Drive and enjoy a streamlined workflow. 

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