Why Visual Content Management is a Keystone of your Online Business

BY Martina Lison

Why is visual content so important in today’s online business? Well, that’s a good question, but let’s start from the very beginning.

Do you really know what visual content is?

We can define it as online content that is primarily image-based, including photos, videos, infographics, 3D pictures, virtual tours, 4K drone videos, to name a few.

As the world is evolving into a visual ecosystem, visual content for online businesses is becoming more and more crucial, with over 3 billion images shared per day. Visual content for online companies allows them to grow their audience and increase their presence, both in terms of clicks, brand reputation and - last but not least - revenues.

Furthermore, online companies are constantly looking for new strategies to keep up with the latest trends and maintain a high level of engagement with their customers. To do that, visual content is a powerful asset, as it mirrors both companies’ direction and brand advocacy, and that is why it implicates many different teams and stakeholders within the very same company.

BOOM’s sales team is always on the frontline. They speak with customers from over 80 countries, deal with team leaders from the marketing, operations, brand, and e-commerce departments on a daily basis, to address their one common goal: to manage visual content with scalability, ultra-efficiency, and consistency.

Even though needs and pain points vary according to different factors - industry, business model, and audience - there are some recurring considerations, whether the industry in focus is fashion, food, or real estate.

The digital transformation is definitely reshaping their current modus operandi, forcing them to become more and more receptive to innovation, and to keep up with the customers’ demanding expectations.

Specifically, fashion brands are more focused on high-quality content that reflects their brand identity, both on their e-commerce and social media channels. Achieving this mission also requires the development of a go-to-market strategy, in order to keep up with the upcoming collections and newest trends. The BOOM Factory aims at supporting all companies struggling to find an end-to-end solution, helping them design and produce innovative and eye-catching visuals.

As the Food Delivery Industry continues to skyrocket on an unprecedented global level, it is vital for those companies to have a one-stop platform, to streamline their operations workflow, both for new and existing partners, by speeding up the whole onboarding process.

With Deliveroo, one of our major partners, we are successfully building a global partnership, assisting them with a consultative approach and offering them insights thanks to our know-how on the field.

Finally, with the rise of Prop Tech, the digital transformation of the Property Industry is finally happening. Real Estate companies have to keep up with the consumers’ needs, who want everything at their fingertips, in an easy and hassle-free way. Digital solutions have become increasingly necessary, helping them scale their business and integrate their corporate solutions, such as apps, booking platforms and CRMs, with tailor-made digital platforms.

In conclusion, to meet the mounting demands for visual content, businesses from every sector now need to revise their content strategies and embrace automation, with digital solutions and technologies, enabling them to optimize their workflow and to create compelling content. In this scenario, the selection of the right partner becomes essential, as you will require creativity support, consultancy and the right amount of technology to scale.

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