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On-site or in our studios, get visual coverage of your products and services with our production experts.

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About Boom

BOOM is a photo-tech production company. Through partnerships with leading rental and booking companies, we organize dedicated photoshoots for affiliated properties, and provide them with visuals for their webpage on the company’s website and app.

There’s a statistic that shows that properties with high-quality pictures can increase their bookings on a rental/booking website or app. by up to 30%. With a professional photoshoot, your property will get an appealing look that’ll inspire consumers to pick your business over another when browsing online.

BOOM takes care of everything. Photographers come to the property and take the pictures from there. We’ll reach out before the photoshoot, and will help you get ready by walking you through the different ways you should prepare (e.g. make your property inviting, remove all personal objects etc.).


The photoshoot will last about 1 or 2 hours, depending how many pictures must be taken and how big the property is. If the house is neat and tidy, the session will be quicker and the final results will be better.

Remove all personal items (toiletries, bathrobes, coats, shoes on clothes racks, personal photos). Clean glass, mirrors and reflective surfaces. Tidy up the house as if you were expecting a guest (beds, towels…). If possible, spruce up the ambiance with flowers, picture frames and cushions.

The property needs to look its best but it must also reflect what guests can expect when they book it on the website. Do not prepare a breakfast tray if it won’t be offered to clients. The same goes for featured house objects (lamps, bed sheets, coffee maker, etc).

Yes, it is necessary to remove all personal objects and anything that won’t be made available to guests.

Bedroom furnishings such as curtains, frames, lamps, and the right bedding are essential to make your sleeping quarters look as cozy and inviting as possible. Remove all personal objects and hide wires, waste baskets or anything that could make the place look untidy.

Remove all daily items from your kitchen: bottles, paper towels, dirty dishes, trash cans, or anything that could make it look untidy. Remove the sofa cover and feel free to add cushions instead. Remember to remove all jackets, scarves or shoes from the coat racks behind the front door and hide wires as much as possible.

Remove bathrobes and all toiletries from the bathroom (toothbrushes, used soap bars, shampoo…). The bathroom should look ready to welcome guests so it’s important to make it look clean and tidy. Add folded towels and unused soap bars in the setting (if you provide them for your guests). Remember to close the toilet lid and wash everything from surfaces to shower box and mirror.

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