7 ways to achieve a healthy work/life balance

BY BOOM Editorial

The pandemic upheaval has made people reevaluate their work/life balance. A recent survey shows as many as 86% of participants prefer remote working because it’s better for their mental health. Workers can skip traffic jams, office distractions, and desk lunches. 

With the “Great Resignation” underway, tech startups realize that a strong work culture needs to prioritize employees’ mental health. An improved work/life balance makes for a happier team, better talent attraction, and staff retention. 

Tips for a healthy work/life balance 

While there’s no “perfect” work/life balance, and everyone has different priorities in their lives, healthy habits are the cornerstone for mental health. 

1 - Stick to a schedule - When you’re remote working, it’s easy to let work bleed into your private time. Yet, it’s better for your mental health if you find a beginning and end time that works for you and keep to it.  

2 - Move your body  - Whether you break for a workout in the middle of your day or unroll your yoga mat for a few stretches, moving your body every day has multiple health and mental benefits. The app FitOn offers thousands of workouts at all levels, and some are as little as 5 minutes long. 

3 - Take up a new hobby - Studies show people who participate in focused leisure activities enjoy less stress and improved mental health. From singing to painting, there are groups online and off where you can learn something fun and meet new people. 

4 - Unplug - If you’re like many people, you might spend ten or more hours a day in front of a screen. It’s healthy to take a screen break and engage with people socially, read a book, or take your dog for a walk. 

5 - Set boundaries - If you’ve been working flat-out for months, you need a break. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your workload because you’ve taken on additional responsibilities during the pandemic. Do you have a good case for a promotion? This could be an excellent time to ask. 

6 - Mindfulness - Meditation is not the only way to be mindful. It’s largely about self-awareness. You can check in with yourself throughout the day. When are you most energized? When do you feel drained? This can be useful feedback to help you find your happy place. 

7 - Find the right job - If you’re unhappy with your work, try to distinguish if it’s the work or the culture. What do you want to do if you don’t like your job? Maybe you can speak with people in other roles or fields to learn about what they do. If you enjoy your work but feel like a klutz in a room full of ballerinas, maybe it’s a bad culture fit! 

When your employees feel they have a balanced life, they’re happier. Happier employees create a positive startup culture that benefits everyone. At BOOM, we’re committed to helping our team create a healthy work/life balance.

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