BOOM gets a fresh new makeover

BY Carola Trematerra

We’re extremely proud to announce that BOOM’s design has been completely revamped as part of the continuous evolution of our company! 

We launched a fresh new visual identity and website with a new look, redesigned to position BOOM as one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in the ecosystem.

Our goal was to craft a responsive and easy-to-use design that was both intuitive and purposeful for our customers, putting BOOM’s solution at the forefront, and exploring the technology behind it and how it works. 

We worked on uplifting the brand’s overall look and feel through:

TOV - we chose a direct tone of voice by developing a pyramid-shaped copywriting strategy, with essential information readily available, and the possibility to dive deeper and explore more content, depending on the reader’s interests.  

Colors - a light and contrasted color palette allows for accessible content and  intuitive navigation. The main color, bright blue, represents our tech world.

Illustrations - outline illustrations of hand gestures support the website’s navigation and interaction without overwhelming the screen time.

Beyond Aesthetics
At BOOM we believe in continuous learning, which leads to a perpetual evolution of our identity. We analyzed and refreshed our corporate statements and value proposition, leveraging the customer perception of the brand to redesign our grown-up selves, staying true to our core, which (I believe) is the biggest challenge for fast-paced brands.

With the same approach, we explored our strength and growth opportunities internally and redefined our corporate culture to reflect the values we stand by, who we are today, and who we aim to be in the future. 

Check out what’s new:

Features and Integrations - we created specific pages to guide the customer’s journey with BOOM and welcome users into our new platform features and integrations.

Blog and Resources - at BOOM we interact with clients, partners and startups from different industries all around the world. And our blog and resource section allows us to share some of the insights we get through our people articles, key guest writers and dedicated research lab.

Pricing Plans - the rebrand aims at making BOOM’s solutions more accessible and easy to interact with. Likewise, our pricing plan is clearly mapped out. 

We partnered with Together Agency, who has translated our evolution into design with expertise and flair.
Will Beeching, Founder and Creative Director:

BOOM is pioneering a new category of on-demand content. We needed to shift how people thought about global content production from logistical nightmare to as easy as turning on a tap.

The new BOOM brand represents a clear shift in maturity from a plucky young tech company in Milan, to a global leader in content production. Deep blacks accented by powerful mesh gradients that create the feeling of motion and speed, whilst framing the product that makes BOOM so very special.

We fused the gradients with our clean cut illustrations of Alfred's hands, creating a bold and unique illustration style that is both memorable and truly represents the simplicity of BOOM.

Our tone of voice challenges all the mundane parts of content production and works to create a professional yet characterful personality that is passionate, personal and distinctly human. We're not overly serious, but we take what we do seriously. 

We crafted the BOOM brand to be a true representation of the company vision and the people that work within it. BOOM is a collection of incredibly passionate and ambitious people, unified by a common aspiration to build the best content production platform in the world.

We invite you to navigate through our new website yourselves and tell us what you think!

Visit our About us page to find out more.

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