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BOOM invests in tools to speed up production logistics

Always keen to speed up production, BOOM has invested in QR code scanners aimed at making the production logistics routine even faster and more seamless than ever before. 

How do these scanners and QR codes improve the process? They help keep track of products that have been sent over to the BOOM Factory for photoshoots. 

Before implementing that system, the whole tracking process was done manually, which required more time, and required more attention to avoid possible glitches and discrepancies across different tracking sheets.  Now, a QR code is generated for each SKU, which producers and set coordinators scan once they are shot and ready to be sent back to clients. 

The result? The tracking time went from 15 seconds to ½ second per individual SKU. This frictionless process gives even more guarantees to clients looking for large amounts of visual content produced at scale. We aim to please!

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