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BOOM to provide features for social media

BY BOOM Editorial

As conversations continue to spread over BOOM’s worksite and how it can fit clients’ needs, one main argument keeps on popping up: “will the worksite be able to help us manage visual assets for social media?

And the short answer to this question is, yes!

Among the Worksite’s upcoming features, there’ll be an editing tool that will make it possible to crop and customize pictures to fit specific social media formats. Do you need a banner format for your Facebook cover? There’ll be customized cropping for that. Instagram feed, Linkedin…you name it! 

How will it work? In the editing section of the Worksite, you will find the different social media icons for each format, and all you’ll need to do is click on one of them and get your visuals framed with the right dimension.  The presets will always stay up-to-date with the different networks’ formats. 

Stay tuned, it’s all coming soon!

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