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Fashion Giant Expands Partnership with BOOM

BY BOOM Editorial

Following a successful trial period, with visual production of about 600 SKUs for the home decor and interior segment of their brand, BOOM is expanding its partnership with one of the leading fashion houses in Milan. 

After a tricky start, with a complex brief and tight deadlines, BOOM was able to deliver a total of 48 orders, with an average of 500 visuals each, and the client commented that the partnership was “definitely raising the bar on delivery and for that we thank you.

What’s next? A chance to take it to cover the entire e-commerce fashion outlet.

This was received on the heels of another statistic showing that, for another global player, BOOM was able to deliver visuals in less than 24h for almost 90% of all orders

In other words, we’ve got scalability down to a science here. Book a demo and find out all about it!

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