How to avoid bad reviews for your eCommerce

Key takeaways

In a nutshell, the take-home points with regard to the efficient running of your e-commerce site and managing negative reviews are:

  • Provide excellent product photography and videography. The products should be pristine and well presented, just like inside an actual brick and mortar, though the store is online.

  • Embrace more content on your eCommerce site. Visual content provides the best user experience and avoids product returns. Have large product photos, close-up details, product video, 360 views, and variant images.

  • Create a detailed product page that has a visible "add to cart" button, product details like materials, size guide, different colors, sizes, and prices.

  • Have an excellent logistic provider, and if the one you are using is not good enough, change them ASAP.

  • Do not over stress about bad reviews. With proper management, they can be indispensable for your SEO, Google ranking, and even boost your reputation. Clients will love brands that manage their negative feedback, accept their mistakes, and answer politely and clearly to explain themselves.

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