Two easy ways to create a url for image sharing

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A big part of working in marketing, communications, or any creative environment, involves sharing and publishing images, either with co-workers, clients, or on digital touchpoints, such as websites and social media. But what is the easiest and fastest way to share images? The answer is simple: create a specific URL to share and distribute images anywhere on the web. 

What is a URL? 

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an address used to locate a resource anywhere on the Internet. Most often, URLs are used for web addresses, but a URL can also be used to fetch a file located on a connected system, such as a DAM solution. By creating an image-sharing URL for each visual located on a DAM, users can copy and paste a link to distribute the image anywhere online, including emails, websites, or social media. 

How to create a URL for an image? 

Creating a URL to share and publish images is easy, thanks to a variety of websites and platforms that generate links automatically. Image hosting websites can let you upload images and then generate a URL link to share them. Alternatively, storing visuals on a centralized platform like BOOM Worksite is another way to generate URL links for folder or image sharing. 

Image sharing URLs for individuals 

Image hosting websites are one way to help individuals get image-sharing URLs. Through image hosting websites, such as Imgur, Flickr, or Google Photos, you can upload images from your computer and then create a specific link to allow your peers to access and obtain the same image.

Image sharing URLs for businesses

While image hosting websites work great for individuals looking to share a couple of pictures, they have their limitations for companies managing large quantities of visual assets on a daily basis. The best way for marketing teams, digital agencies, or ecommerce to share and publish images is to get a centralized platform to upload all visual assets, and get team members to organize, track and share them thanks to URL links generated by the platform itself. 

Simplifying image sharing with BOOM Worksite

One of the great perks of choosing a DAM or a similar system, such as BOOM Worksite, is that it makes image sharing and publishing a lot faster. With Worksite, companies and agencies can create dedicated URLs for each image, which can help them:

  • Share visuals internally: On Worksite, a URL can be copied and pasted to share specific files, folders, or entire platform webpages with other collaborators who have access to Worksite. 

  • Share visuals externally: A URL can be created to transfer one or more visual asset files with someone who does not have access to Worksite. Once inserted — in an email, instant messaging service, or other —  the files can be downloaded by anyone in possession of the link (yes, even when they don’t have access to Worksite). In other words, it’s an alternative to a Wetransfer link! 

  • Publish visuals: A URL created on Worksite can also be copied and pasted to publish visual assets on an ecommerce website, social media channel, or other digital touchpoints, without needing to download and upload anything. 

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