How visual content helps you scale your business

BY BOOM Editorial

Can your target customer identify your brand by its visual content? Are your images clear and eye-catching enough to stop scrolling prospects and lead them into the rest of your content? 

Research shows that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text alone. From food delivery to short-term rentals, every industry directly links visual content, customer acquisition, and sales. 

Without quality visual content, you’ll be hard-pressed to attract the right attention in today’s cluttered world, much less convert prospects into sales.

But you probably have questions. For starters, what’s the business case for great visual content? How do you link it to sales? Additionally, how do you easily get great digital photography without having to coordinate photographers and photoshoots? 

Like everything with sales, it starts with the brain. How do your customers think? What motivates them? Do they define themselves as eco-friendly trendsetters or empty nesters considering downsizing? 

Whatever your answer, it affects your brand, and it affects your message, from the type of language you use to your visual content. Because it’s your marketing visuals that first attract their attention, and your campaign turns them into customers. 

6 reasons why your brand imagery sets the tone and quality for your business (and helps it scale) 

1- Gives your brand an identity (You don’t need to see the word “NIKE” to recognize the “swoosh.”) 

2- Stand out in a cluttered environment (The first hurdle in today’s world is grabbing attention) 

3- Quality visuals build trust

4- Explains how you help 

5- Encourages customer engagement (shares, likes, follows) 

6- Stellar visual content generates sales

In 2019, 69% of marketers increased the amount of visual content they published, and those numbers are only growing. The reason is that quality visuals do a lot of heavy lifting in today’s attention-scattered landscape.

When it comes to growing customer engagement, it’s no secret that social media posts that include images get at least 2 times the engagement. Strategist Jeff Bullas found that including an image can boost engagement by 37%

As content marketing budgets continue to grow, part of that growth includes images. From video to infographics to professional digital photography, every company that intends to scale needs consistent visuals that connect with its target audience.  

Take product photography. Whether you’re in food delivery, fashion, e-commerce, real estate, or automotive, you’re selling an experience. Meal delivery service Grubhub saw a 30% increase in restaurant orders when the restaurants included photos. 

Stockholm-based Bolt Food says, “Visual content is a great business driver for conversion”. With the right collaboration, Bolt streamlined their entire visual content production. Deliveroo, another food delivery service, scaled to 100 cities in one month due to their ability to deliver exquisite photos to their customer base. 

These and other like-minded companies recognize that high-quality visual content is the first introduction your audience has to your product. No matter what else is part of your marketing arsenal, images are the first thing to capture your customer’s attention. 

Great photography makes more sales 

Money talks. After all, many CEOs are more focused on conversion than awareness when it comes to the bottom line. Yet, awareness comes first. No one buys your product or service if they don’t know it exists. Excellent digital photography combined with solid marketing can help your target audience become aware of your business and lead them to become customers. 

In conclusion, great digital photography helps you to grow. Find out how BOOM can help your business grow:

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