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Introducing Workrooms: BOOM’s Digital Space for Visual Project Collaboration

BY BOOM Editorial

Whether you work in ecommerce, marketing or in advertising, chances are that your team is required to use a project management platform, a separate visual editing program, another system to comment and leave feedback, and yet another platform to file your visual assets!

Suppose you could transpose the studio or meeting room experience onto a digital space where you could access all collaboration tools from one place only?

Good news, that’s exactly what our new workrooms are all about!

Located within the BOOM Worksite, the workrooms are digital spaces that let you create and collaborate on visual assets.

Why we built workrooms

According to BOOM Head of Product Marco Gadaleta:

"When we started thinking about workrooms, the main question we asked was ‘how can we improve async visual asset collaboration when our digital devices are already packed with products that can do everything?’ The answer was in the question! We didn’t need to invent new tools, we needed to create a place where users could come and find everything they needed to work on the most powerful communication asset out there: visuals."

And so the idea for workrooms was born: to build exclusive digital spaces, where users can choose who to invite, and work on the entire visual asset lifecycle, thanks to built-in tools and features that would allow them to manage, edit, and publish projects all from one secured location.

How do workrooms work?

When users access Worksite, they have the option to create a new workroom, in which they invite collaborators and insert the visual assets they want to work on. Once their workroom is set up, users can leave comments and mention their co-workers to assign tasks, and approve/replace visual assets. Moreover teams can edit visual assets directly into the workroom, upload new versions (and keep older versions in the history), and publish visuals anywhere online.

In other words, rather than having to learn to use many different tools, users can have full access to a familiar set of features all in one place, making the whole workflow easier than ever.

Main features

Discover the workrooms’ main features for smooth and frictionless visual asset collaboration:

Infographic of the workrooms key features

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