Is Your Company Ready for a Visual Management Tool?

BY BOOM Editorial

There are many solutions out there designed to make a company’s management and teamwork more efficient. Whether it’s communication tools to replace phone calls and in-person conversations or platforms designed to streamline operations, getting organized has never been easier, especially when handling large amounts of visual assets. 

Here are three indications that a visual management tool might be right for your company. 

1. Your company publishes visual assets on a daily or weekly basis

Whether we’re talking e-commerce, social media, or the creative or marketing branch of a company, if your job requires the output of at least a couple of visual assets a day, a system like BOOM’s worksite can save valuable time. How? With publishing links that can be copied and pasted anywhere (social media, e-commerce websites, emails) to insert images. 

2. You work with a large team and many external collaborators 

If your company’s made of many moving parts, delegating and sharing tasks can sometimes seem overwhelming but tools can help make collaboration a lot easier. For example, Worksite makes it possible to comment, tag teammates, and invite external collaborators to view, edit, or leave notes on visual assets. You have a question for a client? Invite them to view a file and leave comments. Need to tell your social media manager what should be published next week? Mention them and let them create a folder with the selected visual assets.

3. Your projects are often time-sensitive

Long gone are the days when each employee had one project to focus on, and oodles of time to get it off the ground. Companies need results faster than before, and intuitive digital solutions can make that happen for them. For visual assets, Worksite’s advanced search filters make it extra easy to find images, whether searching by name, size, color, or featured objects. And if you find yourself on a deadline, and need to make quick changes on visuals, Worksite includes a set of editing tools that lets you crop or alter images in seconds. From team collaboration to visual asset sharing or editing, visual asset management tools provide shortcuts to processes that took much longer when done manually. Imagine what could be done with that time instead! 

For all companies and businesses that handle large amounts of visuals, work in large internal/external teams, and see their deadlines get tighter every day, a visual asset management solution like Worksite can make their work life significantly easier. 

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