Professional Photography For Real Estate: An Essential Service

BY Lia Oliveira

The year 2020 has been a catalyst for change worldwide. For the real estate market, which had always relied on images to boost their sales, the challenges that came with the pandemic pushed them to go beyond and almost reinvent themselves, by re-thinking of ways to offer the best online experience to their clients.

Visual content has the potential to help customers shape a deal and imagine specific experiences. In the real estate market, ensuring that clients "get a first-hand feel" for a place is a must!

But how do we create an experience through visual content?

Create a scenario

A good photo goes beyond photography equipment and editing tools. It also relies on real estate production and mise-en-scène, also known as "home staging".

Prepare the setting, keep every room visually clean (hide wires and unsightly objects such as bins, bags, routers, jackets, bathrobes and controllers). Open curtains, let the natural light in, consider your choice of bed sheets, fruits and vegetables, plants, books and magazines. These elements help viewers envision life in that space.

Hire a Professional

Professional photographers have the skills and expertise to shoot pictures that flatter yet accurately depict the properties. When shooting interiors, for example, a professional will know that natural light works best, especially direct sunlight, unless the space includes a particular light design or needs to communicate a special atmosphere (like in the case of theme hotel rooms - ever heard of haunted house or treehouse themes for example?). A Professional will know how to shoot using the best equipment needed for the properties. For example, the best way to communicate the actual dimension of the space is to shoot with special lenses. Wide lenses are usually preferred to show the entire space, while mid-range lenses are used for details and close-ups. With a brief in hands, they’ll have the trained eyes to accurately describe the space through images.

Diversify your Content

The real estate market can no longer solely rely on getting clients to visit the properties. As such, their offer and business deals depend a lot more on digital content than ever before and so it is no longer enough to include a few pictures on a website. Fortunately, there are other types of content that can complement the website pictures, such as virtual tours or floor plans. While great images can express the cozy, homelike ambiance of a property, a virtual tour and floor plans can give a more accurate description of the space.

Invest in Post-Production

Light temperature, straightness of lines, cropping - all these elements are essential to guarantee consistency across all visuals, and make it as easy as possible for customers to grasp the information they need through the images on display.

Data suggests that a well-conceived visual content can drive revenue and increase conversion rates. Listings with professional high-quality pictures lead to 24% more bookings, and 32% faster sales.

But more than numbers, when we carefully consider the power of content, what we want is for viewers to get an experience as close to the real deal as possible, and get them to think "it's like we´re there". In other words, get content that can virtually transport clients anywhere in the world.

Customer experiences start with websites and other digital touchpoints. Interested in getting ahead of your competitors and offering the best experience to your future clients? You’ve come to the right place. Contact our experts to get a personalized demo for your business.

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