Best practices to streamline your processes and workflows 

BY BOOM Editorial

Here’s a question for all brand managers and marketers: How do you create better branded content, more quickly and with fewer errors to keep pace with the ambitions of your business? Answer: take a good look at your existing content production processes to make sure they’re up to the job. 

Streamlining your processes with the help of DAM (Digital Asset Management) means easier and faster content creation, as well as helping to ensure greater consistency in how your brand is presented. To see what we mean, here’s how streamlining can be achieved in practice…

What do we mean by ‘streamlining processes’?

So you want to improve the way your company produces, distributes and uses marketing content. Streamlining basically means examining the sequence of activities associated with content production from start to finish (i.e. the ‘workflow’), and finding ways to make that workflow simpler and more efficient. 

A big part of process streamlining involves automation; introducing technology to execute many of the tasks that would otherwise require a lot of manual input from team members. Centralization is another important element of it: i.e. making all brand assets and other important information available in a single location, so it’s a lot easier to access and manage.  

Precisely what a workflow consists of differs from company to company. Typically, however, the tasks you’ll be looking to streamline will include things like briefing creatives and making existing brand assets accessible, the content creation process, approval procedures, as well as processes for content distribution and publishing. 

What are the benefits of streamlining processes? 

Reduced costs

Streamlining content production processes through DAM makes it easier for people to access and work with brand assets. The same assets can be repurposed to create lots of fresh content, and there’s less need for unnecessary duplication of work and for fixing errors. 

Content under a streamlined workflow becomes cheaper to produce: really good news for making your marketing budget stretch further. 

Greater capacity and volume 

One of the biggest current challenges for brands involves producing a constant stream of awesome visuals for social feeds and other sales channels. Especially when it comes to repurposing and adapting existing assets, a streamlined process allows you to do more with less. It means content production can keep pace with your marketing ambitions. 

Easier brand management 

Under traditional workflows for content production, you can end up with lots of subtly different versions of the same asset being downloaded, edited, and sent back and forth via email. For managers, it can be hard to keep track of what’s being created and where it’s being used. Meanwhile, it’s equally frustrating for creatives to work out if they’re using the right assets and to sit around waiting for clarifications or approvals. 

Streamlined, automated workflows help to remove these bottlenecks while giving managers greater visibility on what’s being used, and where.  

How do you streamline processes? 

Identify your inefficiencies 

Where should you prioritize your streamlining efforts? Start by going through your entire workflow and highlight those areas where delays, errors, and avoidable costs most commonly occur. Some examples include creatives wasting time trying to find the right brand assets, correctly labeling new content, waiting for approvals, reformatting assets for new uses, or distributing it to multiple locations. 

Be clear on your goals

Rather than just implementing “automation for automation’s sake”, updating your processes tends to work best when you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve for the business. Draw up a list of what you want to gain from any process changes: for instance, quicker content production, lower costs, less reliance on external creative input, easier access to brand assets for scattered workforces. 

Choose the right tools for process streamlining 

Ideally, any new technologies you introduce to help streamline processes should address your existing inefficiencies and should be designed to help you achieve your business goals. Here’s how DAM can help you do both… 

How does BOOM Worksite streamline content-related processes?

Accessing content 

With BOOM Worksite, all of your company’s visual assets are stored, organized and searchable in a single, cloud-based location. This removes one of the biggest bottlenecks frequently encountered by creatives: actually getting hold of precisely the right brand assets they need to get on with the job. 

Automated tagging and intelligent search 

Manually organizing and labeling content files can be a time-consuming hassle. BOOM Worksite can automatically tag and enrich your visuals with metadata for you, which means less time wasted on admin, while also making it even easier for creatives to browse and find suitable brand assets for whatever project they’re working on.  

Team collaboration 

It’s hard to jump onto a project if you have to start by scrolling through an endless email thread to see what’s been agreed and done already. BOOM Worksite provides a single place for collaboration to manage, share, comment and work together on all of the company’s visuals. You can instantly see what needs to be done. 

Editing on the fly 

With just a few alterations, an existing visual asset would work really well in your next new campaign. Trouble is, your designer is really busy, so who knows how long it will take them to come back with the changes you have in mind. BOOM’s quick editing tool means you can tweak and customize visual assets yourself, with no need to wait around for design input. 

Content distribution  

Need to distribute a piece of visual content across lots of different channels? With BOOM, it’s simple. Just copy and paste the link to the asset to distribute it anywhere online. You can even configure the system so that if you change an asset within the DAM, those changes are applied everywhere that the asset is embedded. 

Start streamlining your workflow with BOOM Worksite

Thanks to BOOM Worksite, marketers and brand managers are already streamlining their workflows, creating better content quicker, and at a lower cost than ever before. For a taste of what’s possible, try BOOM Worksite for yourself.

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