The Visual Production Platform: The Tech Behind the Start-up

BY Stefano Iasi

Simplifying the production and management of visual content for online companies has never been easier than with the efficiency of a reliable tech partner. The perks? A streamlined process that hides a world of complexity. BOOM offers a strategic partnership for fast production of visual content at scale, through one main technology: The Visual Production Platform.

BOOM transforms the way visual content is produced and managed all over the world, providing a simplified, frictionless experience for users. How is such a goal made possible? 

At the heart of BOOM stands a technological stack that streamlines the generation process of visual content from booking to delivery, supporting interactions of multiple actors: 1) our customers 2) our photographers 3) the customers of our customers (they are typically the recipients of the visual content) and 4) the BOOM operators. Their interactions are supported and orchestrated by the BOOM Platform, a native cloud application that secures and simplifies the user experience. 

So how exactly does this technology enable us to produce at scale? Here’s how! 

Visual content production in one click

The visual content production journey starts with a customer logging into the platform and creating a new order. Actually, the only thing BOOM customers have to do is provide a geographic location where the photoshoot should take place. From that point on, BOOM’s Operators take care of the photoshoot’s logistics, including the setting of a date, with the support of the platform’s automation support. Once the visual content is ready, the client is notified and can access the platform to download the material in just a few seconds.  

Throughout the entire order lifecycle, the final client (in other words, the business owners whose trade is exposed through visuals) receives regular communication, which is a key factor for a positive customer experience, and can choose to be as active as they like, by accessing their details and following the process in their reserved area. In fact, premium customers can customize their communication flow to fit their brand and style, to offer their affiliated businesses a complete tailored experience.

Behind the scenes

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Yet this “straightforward” user experience hides a complex behind-the-scenes flow. When a new order is scheduled, the BOOM Platform automatically identifies and notifies the best photographers for the assignment. Following the photoshoot, the photographer can access the platform and upload the content onto the cloud, which is then automatically transferred to a post-production team, and automatically sent back to the platform for a final review by the BOOM quality specialists. This back-and-forth process with external entities requires a secure API-based integration. Once the order is completed, the visual content stays on BOOM’s storage unit forever, and is made accessible to clients long after they first download their order, so they never have to worry about storing or managing their content. 

In order for this entire process to run smoothly, the platform must be able to support BOOM’s operators, in case of glitches, rescheduling or reshoot (if the original quality didn’t match BOOM’s standards). The platform allows a frictionless communication process with photographers and business owners, and provides all the information necessary to successfully complete the photoshoot and the final delivery of content. 

Built to scale and ever-involving

The entire system is designed to prevent errors. For instance, the business owner’s input is automatically validated to confirm the geographic location actually exists, photographers cannot upload more photos than requested or cannot upload corrupted or invalid files. In addition, since we believe in continuous improvement and data-driven business, we collect feedback and specific details on what went wrong, which we then review and use to refine our process and optimize our system. 

In order to handle clients requesting large quantities of content orders, BOOM’s Platform includes features that enable the simple management of a massive amount of orders. For instance, it is possible to create and monitor orders in bulk - order 500 photoshoots by uploading a CSV file through the platform’s bulk upload feature. 

Moreover, our customers can integrate their systems with our stack, by means of our Open RESTful API. Through this option, they can book and manage orders from their systems (i.e. their Salesforce) and get notified for each stage of the production lifecycle. 

These flows are used for photo production, but the possibilities of BOOM’s platform are much wider. The entire company is currently focusing on developing it both in terms of new visual content to support but also in terms of new software capabilities that can simplify the life of our users by offering them a delightful user experience. 

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