3 Tools to Improve Your Asset Management

BY BOOM Editorial

Visual content is a cornerstone of every online business. Striking images capture your customer’s attention and inspire them to buy. Whether you’re in ecommerce, real estate, food delivery, or fashion, evocative digital photography and other visual assets can make all the difference to conversions. 

After all, standing out online is the first step towards attracting customers. 

Yet, it’s one thing to have a plan for content creation. Who’s creating it? Are these images evergreen product shots or for a specific marketing campaign? Where will you store your content after it’s been created? How do people access it? Having an effective content management strategy is as important as crafting exquisite content. 

After all, from photography to video, everything is a digital asset, and you need multiple assets to plan your marketing campaigns. When your files spread across platforms it can lead to confusion and wasted time for your marketing team. How much time do you spend looking for your visual content files? 

While marketing teams work at speed putting together effective campaigns, mislabeled or forgotten files can slow your conversions. The problem is worth taking seriously as a recent study shows marketers waste 3 weeks a year searching for files.  

Who has time for that? Fortunately, you can do better than cobble together an array of tools that don’t work well together. The right management tools make life easier and teams more collaborative, so you can knock out high-performing visual content and grow the business both at the same time! 

3 tools to improve asset management 

You have multiple people working on specific elements when it comes to content creation and management. Photographers, video editors, graphic designers, and copywriters can all be involved. The more people, the more you need a proven content management workflow. 

Here are three key content software tools that’ll ensure you handle your digital assets like the best-in-class marketer you aim to be:

1) Asana for project management - This easy-to-use project management tool makes collaboration easy. With Kanban style boards, task lists, a calendar, and the ability to tag teammates, Asana helps keep all your projects in one easy-to-reference spot. Plus, it boosts accountability since everyone can easily see who’s responsible for what. Companies, as varied as Disney to eBay, use it. 

2) Miro to create boards for project development - Do your creative teams thrive with whiteboard collaborations? This virtual whiteboard tool can help your teams capture the energy of in-person collaboration while working remotely - from brainstorming to wireframing. Its versatility extends to real-time video calls as well as asynchronous workflows.

3) BOOM’s Worksite for visual asset management and collaboration - Save hours every week by having all your digital assets in one place with this visual asset management platform. The system automatically tags your images so you can find the right digital assets in minutes. Your sales and marketing teams will love the ability to go to one place for content storage and find what they need easily. Plus, the Worksite is also a great place for teamwork, as you can mention different collaborators in comments, approve/reject visual assets, edit them right on the platform, and publish them thanks to publishing links that can be copied and pasted on any digital touchpoint.

In today’s fast-paced world, having processes for streamlined collaboration is essential. You’ll find marketing campaigns run more smoothly, and it’s easier to reuse your digital assets because they don’t get buried in mislabeled files, plus everyone who needs the content has access. 

Having an asset management process is key to organizing teams, visual content, and business. Eliminate common bottlenecks in your sales and marketing teams with the right tools to streamline content management and storage. 

Interested in optimizing your visual asset management and workflow? Give the Worksite a try!

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