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BOOM Increases Speed of Search Performance by 80%

BY BOOM Editorial

Our product team is working hard to provide the best visual management experience to businesses worldwide, and just yesterday, they announced that the speed of search performance has increased by 80%, making it easier to find visuals on the Worksite. Thanks to a set of advanced filters, searching for visuals (even older ones we forgot existed!) is super fast and easy. You can look for content by filtering name, order code, or advanced filters such as color or featured objects

This is yet another benefit of Worksite, especially for companies who report that they eventually lose track of the visuals they pay for. This argument makes us extra excited to talk about our visual management tool, designed to keep visuals - all visuals - stored and organized in a limitless library, without a chance of ever losing them.

So for example, if you’re a creative agency looking to see if you have a picture of a red shoe in your library, you can type “red shoe” in the search bar, and find all visuals saved in the library that feature a red shoe. Or if you’re a food delivery company needing to see if a restaurant ever got images of their menu items, you can type in the restaurant name, or the name of the item featured on the visual content.

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