EARTH DAY SPECIAL: The Green Initiatives that Have our Support

BY BOOM Editorial

Of course our beautiful planet shouldn’t just be celebrated on April 22nd but every single day of the year. Nonetheless, this Earth Day we’re proud to announce a partnership with two world-famous environmental NGOs: 1% for the planet and Global Green

With 1% for the planet, a global organization that makes it easy for companies to contribute to environmental causes by fostering partnership advising and third-party certification, we commit to the planet by pledging to give 1% of our total revenue and volunteering 1% of the staff’s time to environmental activities. 
As for Global Green, an NGO dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies, we will participate in the creation of initiatives to help fight issues related to global warming and climate change, with a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

At BOOM, we believe in doing everything with passion and walking the extra mile for the greater good, whether it’s for our business goals or the causes we cherish. And that’s exactly what led us to join forces with two organizations who “change the world for real,” as our chief of staff Jacopo Benedetti said. 

“We are a humanitarian capitalistic company, and so we don’t just care about our company but everything around us too,” added Jacopo. “We need to act to save the world - our waiting time ended yesterday.”

Moreover, on Earth Day, we collaborate with WorldRise and will volunteer our time to spread the word and help convince local businesses to reduce their plastic waste. 

For CEO Federico Mattia Dolci, it is important to show that beyond our business goals, it’s important to side with organizations close to our values. “Growing at any cost is no longer sustainable,” he said. 

“Today we endure the consequences of reckless policies that account for record levels of environmental pollution and the spreading of social inequality. We can be redeemed by having a positive impact on our planet, embracing the power of a clean slate, starting from scratch and building to last.”

Or as an old Greek proverb says, “a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never see.” 

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