How to Increase Conversion Rates with Visuals

BY Lucie Gautheron

As industries turn more and more towards digital solutions able to reach out to broader, international audiences, sales strategies have had to adapt to face fierce competition, with tactics made to attract and convert customers who find themselves lost in an overwhelming sea of propositions.

Of course pricing and positioning remain the leading factors for successful online businesses, but one secret card is growing more and more important to make a difference and increase conversion rates: professional photography. From e-commerce to the growing food delivery market or any business supported by a digital touchpoint, there’s a great need to show customers what they are actually purchasing. In fact, the leading food delivery company Deliveroo noticed that “individual items with images see a 6.5% uplift in menu conversion, compared to those without.”

Here are three reasons why professional photos can contribute majorly to increasing conversion rates:

1. Building trust & favoring consideration

While digital experiences are removing the physical sampling aspect of shopping, the use of photos can transpose visual merchandising onto platforms and websites. Customers can browse and consider the offer with appealing, descriptive and informative pictures that’ll inspire them and help them visualize the products that will eventually reach their front door.

When a menu includes specific, appetizing images, when holiday booking platforms feature pictures of their rental offers that allow browsers to travel and fantasize about upcoming destinations, their function is to do much more than just inspire - they enhance the desire and therefore bring customers closer to a purchase. Think about e-commerce websites featuring garment visuals from different perspectives, or car rentals with zoomed-in details of the vehicles’ different features.

Moreover, visuals build trust. When it comes to investing, customers are more likely to be converted when they can actually see what they are putting in their cart. With informative visuals (including floor plans, 360° views, close-ups), the expectations are set, and visitors are more likely to go from browsers to customers. For example, a short-term rental home described with floor plans can give more detailed information, or ready-to-wear on ghost mannequin can give an accurate fit perspective on a fashion e-commerce, pushing customers to make a decision and press “Check out".

2. Faster information, faster acquisition

Ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, actually… they are worth 60,000 words. According to research conducted by 3M a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than a written text. In fact, research shows that three days after acquiring information, people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, and 65% of what they see. In other words, listing the benefits of a product/service will never be as powerful as flashing eye-catching images, which will significantly reduce the time to process information.

Upselling, Or Succumbing to the “Buffet Effect”

Just like wheeling a dessert cart after a restaurant meal, or grabbing additional items at a checkout counter, combining visuals on a food delivery platform or e-commerce website can inspire customers to purchase more than they had initially intended. To incite a sales increase, cross-selling and up-selling have better chances when digital platforms offer strategic photos that not only feature individual items but combos as well. When combos are clicked together and presented in the menu, there are chances that people order the entire combo rather than just a single dish.

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