How to simplify communication with external collaborators

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In any digital workplace, learning how to communicate effectively is crucial for a successful, productive workflow and smooth collaboration, whether it’s with teammates or external collaborators. Clear communication isn’t just about getting a specific message across; it is also about making information as (effortlessly) accessible as possible. Whether it’s an update or guidance to follow a process, great project communication management is about making it as simple as possible for anyone to locate, understand and learn the different moving parts of a busy work environment. 

What’s the difference between internal vs. external communication?

In a digital workplace, both internal and external communication is important. They often serve different purposes and sometimes need different input to ensure simplified and effective collaboration. 

Internal collaboration

Whether you need to communicate within a creative team, with a superior, or with members of different departments, internal communication is important to create a streamlined workflow, which usually depends on getting acquainted with the same processes and same tools. If it’s a company habit to choose Google Meets for conference calls, for example, chances are every team member will be logged in at all times and know the ins and outs of the tool. The same goes for instant messaging. In fact, your Slack channel is probably open as we speak, with messages flickering through from internal team members, are we right? Connecting through the same technology can do wonders to simplify communication, and collaboration, whether it’s to exchange messages or access files and data. 

External communication

External communication includes all forms of interaction with people who are not part of your organization. If you work in an agency, a frequent external collaborator could be a client whose account you are managing. If you work in e-commerce, external collaborators might be suppliers or freelancers. Whoever they are, communicating with external partners adds another dimension to the process. Every company has its own way of handling things, and oftentimes collaborating with external partners can prove to be more complicated than it should be because different processes clash, either because the technology is incompatible or some parties cannot access files, or even because processes aren’t particularly intuitive. 

How can you improve communication with external collaborators? 

One foolproof way to simplify external communication is by selecting effective technology to support your collaboration process. There’s nothing more confusing than to get different many messages from different technologies. Coordinate with your external partners, and agree to pick a few default tools to simplify your process and exchanges, including a strong instant messaging system that’ll work for everybody.

If you have a particularly effective system for organizing and collaborating, share it with your external partners too. Favor a centralized system for all communication exchanges. For visual assets, favor a DAM like BOOM Worksite where both internal and external partners can access images and videos and streamline communication on all projects involving visual assets. 

How can Worksite improve communication with external collaborators?

Just like other visual asset management systems, Worksite’s offering is much more than just cloud-based storage

Easy to find, easy to access

Imagine if you could say goodbye to email exchanges along the lines of “could you please send file A to person B?” When you use Worksite, you can import all of a brand or client’s visual assets, and share and distribute them from that one single source of truth. Files can never get lost. No matter which account executive or project manager overtakes a project, you never have to rely on anyone’s personal organizational style to find images and videos. And if you cannot find a specific visual asset, you can always search for specific files through the search engine, thanks to customized and automated tags that come with each visual uploaded on Worksite. 

Collaboration made effortless 

Project communication management can be simplified on all projects when you create a workroom to collaborate on your visual assets. You can invite anyone to join a workroom, even people who don’t have Worksite credentials! You can also customize permissions and decide who gets to see what. So for example, if you are an account manager in a digital agency and you want to invite your client to visualize a series of visual assets to give final approval, you can just set their permission as “visualize only” and let them only access the folders and visuals they should review. 

Feedback and approval 

More importantly, when involving clients in a workroom, you can streamline the feedback and approval process too. No more rounds of feedback on emails, attached documents, or phone conversations; in workrooms, clients can directly approve the content, ask for revisions, or give instructions to replace certain images. Let all internal and external collaborators access the same workroom to simplify communication and make collaboration flawless. 

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