Restaurant Photography: The Recipe for Success

BY Giulia Antonelli

Think about what pushes you to buy something online. What is your decision based on? Beside your friends’ recommendations and other customers’ reviews, you’ll soon realize that in the end you’re going to buy what you see.

This thinking process also applies to online food ordering. When making online dining decisions, people will browse through different platforms and websites, look at many different menus, and ultimately go for the most attractive option. And what’s better than a nice photo to make an option attractive?

But today, attracting customers is just one of the many priorities of food delivery companies. Navigating such an increasingly competitive environment implies a number of challenges, which calls for creative solutions to overcome them.

So, what can food delivery companies achieve by leveraging the power of photography? Here are three great examples:


Having a recognizable brand is key to stand out from the competition. A good brand does not only communicate quality, lifestyle and values, it must be recognizable above all else.

Studies show that while people only retain about 10% of the information they read, the number goes up to 65% when a picture is included. As such, great, consistent visual content across all channels (apps, websites, or social media) is the best way to create a well-constructed, recognizable brand, which audiences will easily remember.


We already mentioned that people’s online purchasing decisions are based on what they see, so imagine their reactions when they end up with a product completely different from what they were promised!

By using high-quality photos of the food that will actually be delivered to customers, you’ll be sure to set the right expectations and earn their trust in the process.

However, say you promote a line of burgers with stock images that look nothing like your offer, the risk of underselling or overselling will become significantly higher, and the customers’ trust will inevitably decrease as rumors will have it that your company does not live up to its promises.


Let’s cut to the chase: success is (in part) measured by revenues as well as by numbers of sales transactions. And the impact of great photography becomes self-evident just by looking at data:

A study by Limetray highlighted an increase of more than 25% in conversion rates when restaurants moved from text-menus to image-based menus.

The famous American company Grubhub has seen a +30% increase in online orders for restaurants that were using photos on their menus. According to another industry giant, Deliveroo, individual menu items with images saw a 6.5% uplift in menu conversion, compared to those without. It’s no wonder that both companies actively encourage their partners to use professional photography!


Images are incredibly powerful. They trigger our emotions, help us remember, and make communication as immediate as possible. So when hungry customers browse the web for food delivery options, think of how inspired they’ll be by mouth-watering pictures illustrating your offer!

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