The Age of Global Workforce: A New Chapter On Living and Working Anywhere

BY Federico Mattia Dolci

ρωτηθες πθεν εη, “κοσμοπολτης,” φη

When asked where he was from he said, “I am a world citizen.”
Diogenes Laertius the Cynic, 6.63, 4th Century BCE

The nature of work is transforming, and the many companies that adopted remote work in response to the Covid crisis are realizing that this shift is not temporary. 

But where is the world going? Nobody knows. Yet, as “citizens of the world”, we’re placing our bets on remote work staying for the long haul. So as we always do when approaching radical changes, we prefer to focus our energy on building the new and not bringing back the old way!

How are we doing it?

We decided to change the concept from the ground up, first by changing the meaning of the word “office” from the dictionary definition of  "a physical place where people work” to “a hub where people connect, interact and work on projects". 

We have always worked hard, with a spirit of innovation, and we will continue to do so by putting freedom, trust, and people at the forefront of what we do, designing a new playbook that combines remote work and office time, and building a new 'hybrid' that blends the best of both worlds: structure and sociability, independence and flexibility.

We are championing a remote-first culture with the freedom to experience BOOM all over the world with “home(s)” where we can meet, share all-hands, off-sites, social events, and be together. The concept of "freedom" is at the heart of our company, and we put it into practice by encouraging our staff to work from anywhere, experiencing office life, without having to condition their private life to a physical place. We believe that what matters most is not the place but the quality of the work, and the creation of global and interconnected teams, no matter where they are located.

Why do we do it?

Many future-minded companies are already exploring new management ideas to foster interconnection and create a resourceful environment of acceptance, innovation, and appreciation of different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This new mindset is crucial for delivering more value to the world. So what are you waiting for? 

Exciting times ahead! 🔥

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