Why content management platforms make your teams work smarter

BY BOOM Editorial

In today’s world of remote work, it’s essential to have a standard way of organizing ideas and information.

Take visual content. Managing dozens of images is only one aspect of content management, but it’s essential for thriving online. Where would a brand be without terrific digital photography to attract customers? 

That’s where a content management platform comes in. Imagine ordering images, retrieving, approving, and publishing them all from the same space. That’s the magic of the right content management platform. It enhances creativity, collaboration, and cohesion between remote teams. 

Research from Ladders reports that 25% of professional jobs will be remote by the end of 2022. As remote work is here to stay, it’s essential to have easy-to-use, remote-first focused collaboration tools.

Six ways content management platforms can enhance remote work 

Successful remote teams excel at collaboration, cohesion, and strong communication. Established workflows keep things simple since there’s no on-the-fly file-sharing which results in chasing down messages via email, Slack, or something else.

Today’s remote teams have experienced the bottleneck when team members upload to Dropbox vs. Google Suite or another file sharing service. Then there are the hours spent sorting visual content looking for the perfect image for your marketing campaign. 

You’ll save hours with a content management platform. It’s an all-in-one tool that supports the life cycle of your content - check out BOOM Worksite. From creation to publishing, you know what’s in the pipeline, what you already have, what’s approved, and what you need for upcoming campaigns. 

1- Smarter - Some content management platforms let you order and receive visual content (and publish it) all in one place. Imagine a typical ecommerce site with dozens or thousands of images. You know proper storage and labeling are crucial to your workflow, whether you’re in fashion, real estate, or food delivery. 

2- Efficient - One tool to rule them all simplifies your workflow. There’s no need to cobble together other software tools when one can handle all your visual needs.  Filters let you sort by color, name, date, and more for an efficient workflow that drives more conversions because you can go from idea to published campaign faster.

3- High Quality Production - Vetted content creators produce the bespoke visual content you need quickly and at scale. From ecommerce to real estate, high quality visuals sell because people buy images. With a content management platform, you can keep it simple and streamlined. 

4- Creative - From drone shots to food photography, managing your digital assets on one platform gives your team the space to imagine because they have a proven workflow for naming and storing digital assets. This allows them to work quickly because approved digital assets are tagged and easy to find. 

5- Communication - High-functioning teams have excellent communication skills. A good content management platform ensures you can focus on sales conversions and dream up future marketing campaigns because your workflow makes it simple to find what you need. Launch. Move to the next thing. And so on. Plus, you can share the necessary assets and communications with those who need them at any time yet control who has access with improved security.

6- Share and Collaborate - Content creation, approvals, and publishing can happen in one place. Just share access to your team members for the elements they need, and they can share ideas. Plus, when all your past digital assets are easily accessible, your team can build on past successes. 

Content management platforms free up time in your content life cycle the same way a content management system simplifies many web development tasks. Work is hectic enough without searching for the right digital assets needed for your upcoming marketing campaign. 

Now that you’ve discovered the purpose of this type of platform, ask yourself if your current content management workflow is working for your team? Is it efficient and easy to obtain professional visual content for your online business that drives conversions? If not, Worksite can help.

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