3 tools to improve team management

BY BOOM Editorial

Moving up the corporate ladder often goes hand in hand with acquiring new responsibilities and managing team members. Suddenly your focus shifts from executing tasks to managing people and delegating tasks to ensure a smooth and productive workflow. 

And while managing people might seem overwhelming and intimidating, making good use of team management tools out there is the best way to arm yourself for frictionless team leadership and management. 

Here are 3 team management tools that’ll guarantee your success as a manager: 

1. Asana

An essential tool for project management, Asana will be your best companion the moment you find yourself managing a team. First of all, Aasana is a Saas platform that gives your team full visibility on the company’s goals, and the department’s objectives, projects, and tasks. Whether you work with a remote/distributed team or in an office setting, a project management tool like Asana is essential to keep everybody on the same page. It serves as a reference point, not only for each employee involved but also for you — team manager  —  to get an overview of each person’s workload, making it easier to evaluate and assign tasks and projects. Asana’s got a colorful, intuitive design, with simple drag and drop features that make it extra easy to create, move or delete projects. So if you feel overwhelmed by the number of projects and resources you manage, Asana is there to get you organized, help you keep track of the projects’ progress, and make your workflow as streamlined as possible. 

2. Slack

When it comes to perfect team management, communication is gold. Whether you are managing remotely or you have your team physically around you, it is important to touch base frequently and be available should anyone need your input (or if you need theirs). Investing in a good instant messaging service, such as Slack, is a great way to keep your communication fast, smart, and intuitive. Not only will you be able to have quick check-ups with each person you manage, but you’ll also be able to create a community, either by setting up a group chat, in which all team members will participate and bounce ideas off one another, communicate updates, run things by you etc. Working remotely doesn’t make the team bonding experience impossible. As it often happens when establishing a long-distance connection, texting can substitute live conversations (sort of), including in a working environment where bonding is crucial to a healthy environment. 

3. BOOM Worksite

While Asana is your go-to project management tool, Worksite is your go-to collaboration and management tool for all-things visual assets. How does this affect the way you manage your teams? Quite simply, if you are like most companies managing a large number of visual assets on a daily basis, there are many situations where files can get misplaced, deleted, or unsaved, leading to misunderstandings and confusion among team members. Not only does Worksite let you manage all your files in one place — making it impossible to lose track of your files or find yourself dependent on someone responsible for organizing them —  but it also helps you manage projects, thanks to workrooms built to help streamline your visual asset workflow. 

Let’s say you manage a small creative team of 4-5 people, you can create a workroom and invite your designated co-workers, insert the visual assets that need to be worked on, and assign tasks to different members involved in the project. For example, mention the art director on all visual assets that need to be post-produced or modified, mention the copywriter on visual assets that need a tagline, give final sign-off on material, and tag the social media manager to indicate where the different visual assets should be published. With Worksite, you can create as many workrooms as there are projects. Think about workrooms as a way to transpose the studio or brainstorming experience onto a digital space. In other words, forget about sending out long emails packed with links and attached files to brief people individually. Forget about long chains of feedback and back-and-forth communication. Comment, give and request feedback, and manage files and team members all in a workroom to streamline the project workflow and improve collaboration between you and the different members of your team. 

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