4 ways to create an efficient workflow for your creative team

BY BOOM Editorial

Every creative has faced the heart-sinking moment when they submit a piece of hard work, only to have it sent back with so many notes that it becomes a whole new project. 

Not only is it disappointing, but it’s also expensive. Project pauses and redirects use valuable resources, especially when you’re creating visual content. 

The solution is to have a solid framework for managing the creative workflow. A specific process for brainstorming, identifying the scope, and approving and distributing content saves time, money, and headaches. It also prevents last-minute stakeholders from showing up at the last second with an entirely different idea and scuttling plans.

How to create an efficient workflow 

Fortunately, establishing a creative workflow process isn’t difficult. It simply requires the right tools and involves training everyone on the process. 

Once you have a creative workflow in place, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Your team can concentrate on execution, rather than searching for the right version of a file and wasting time switching between tools. 

Research shows context switching between Slack, email, editing programs, and other platforms can fragment your attention. So much so that only 41% of a professional’s day is spent actually doing their work and the rest of the time is spent managing that work. 

Asana’s Anatomy of Work said the problem is so bad professionals lose around 7 hours a week duplicating their work. Besides enhancing productivity, a creative workflow process improves employee engagement and morale, as they can spend more time on the creative process rather than tedious file management. 

Essentially, the creative workflow process is the same for every visual project. Once you’ve identified the project scope and the assets that need creating, it falls into the following categories: 

1- Assign tasks - within the all-in-one tool. Users will receive notifications when they’re tagged. 

2- Accept/reject visuals - Review visual content within the platform and accept or reject it. No separate tools like Google Drive or Dropbox are needed.

3- Comments, mentions - When you keep all correspondence in one tool, there’s less chance of messages getting lost. Within your Workroom, you can tag collaborators with your comments and mentions, and they’ll receive notifications via email and in-app notifications. 

4- Workrooms: With BOOMs digital workrooms, users can create specific digital spaces where they can invite anyone (even external users with no worksite credentials) to work on visual asset projects. Workrooms bring the studio experience to virtual teams and make it easy to work with both internal and external collaborators.

Benefits of simplifying creative workflows using BOOM’s workrooms

Project management is a big part of today’s async collaboration. BOOM’s workrooms help your team keep track of projects, have visibility into who’s doing what, manage amendments, and keep the workflow efficient. 

Workrooms simplify the creative workflow process to keep the project on budget and on time. Within Workrooms, users can organize, manage, and share visuals internally and externally. Built-in tools make it easy to edit images and assign and manage tasks. Email and in-app notifications notify those mentioned. Approvals can also happen within the tool and you can manage distribution. It’s truly a creative workflow solution worth exploring. 

Simplify your creative workflow with BOOM today

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