6 steps to boost team collaboration in a creative studio

BY BOOM Editorial

There’s a good reason collaboration is a buzzword in today’s workplace. Great collaborative teams lean on one another’s talents, strengthen relationships, and contribute to the overall brand. Great team collaboration starts with strong communication and a shared vision. 

However, sometimes, team collaboration tools get in the way of execution. Like many creative teams, you may have a project management tool that lays out the timeline and tasks, but editing tools are separate, along with commenting, approval, file distribution. 

A recent study found 44% of B2B marketers in the US, UK, and Canada use between five and 10 tools as part of their technology stack. Yet, switching between all these different tools is a cognitive load on the brain that can affect creativity. Switching among tools also takes up valuable time. A Cornell study shows creative teams lose time every week searching for messages, approvals, and final versions across platforms. 

However, it’s possible to make virtual team collaboration more like a real-time creative meeting with a repeatable workflow and a single source of truth for all collaboration tools. With such a framework in place, your creatives can focus on executing their ideas, rather than searching for messages and files.  

Ways to boost team collaboration in a creative studio

Good team collaboration can help your team stay engaged and enhance healthy communication, meaning they’re more likely to stay rather than look for another job.

The right team collaboration tools can streamline the creative workflow and ensure projects stay on track and on budget. 

You likely know the feeling of signing up for a productivity app, only to abandon it after a few weeks because it’s too unwieldy or it just doesn’t do the job. Yet, when you find the right collaboration tools, your life becomes much easier. Take a software tool that allows you to assign tasks at the touch of a button, comment on one another’s work, and edit visual assets, all in the same easy-to-use tool. 

No more chasing down messages and approvals across apps. Our virtual team collaboration tool handles these six steps within one tool:


Creative teams thrive when they share ideas, but sometimes those comments get lost across messaging apps. When you have the comments in one place, everyone can see them and it may even spark new ideas. 

2. Mentions

Tag a team member in your comments and they’ll receive email and in-app notifications. 

3. Task assignment

Assign tasks with a click and everyone can see their responsibilities at a glance. 

4. Accept/reject tool

Sometimes, content nails the campaign while other times, it simply doesn’t. You can accept or reject visual assets within the collaboration tool.

5. Share visuals with publishing links

Where do your approved visual assets go next? Whether to your CMS, social media manager or directly to the web, you can share the correct links as needed.

6. Grant and limit access to certain files and folders

Not every team member requires access to the entire content library. With this collaboration tool, you can give access as needed to both internal and external partners. 

Part of team collaboration best practices include recognizing that true creativity is an ongoing conversation and it’s a safe space for everyone’s contributions. Setting clear expectations, frequent updates, and regular feedback goes a long way to helping collaborators feel valued. Add an all-in-one visual content team collaboration tool that speeds up the time to market thanks to an improved workflow, and your virtual team collaboration can skyrocket.  

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