The Real Estate Market Right Now

BY BOOM Editorial

The real estate market has had a dramatic eighteen months along with the rest of the world. Not only were conventional things we took for granted, like in-person home viewings, scrapped, but the very function of a home began to shift.

Homes have become multi-functional spaces during the pandemic. People are living, working and even going to school at home. As a result, some chose to leave more densely populated cities and go to the suburbs or countryside, creating a surge of demand for available properties in the more popular locations. 

Keeping up with these changes and ongoing restrictions has been tough on the industry. So what does the market look like right now? And what does that mean for real estate photography? 

Stick with the trends

Knowing and showcasing the properties' standout parts, whether a beautiful exterior, spacious entertaining space or period features, has always been of top priority in real estate. After all, 72% of realtors agree that high-quality photography helps them win more listings.  

But it's now not just enough to show these, realtors should take note of trends in what people are searching for, like gardens and offices, which both unexpectedly became the most coveted property features of 2020.

A trusted photographer will keep these trends in mind when on an assignment. Quality post-production can also help edit photos and show coveted features in their best light. This will really help the prospective buyer or renter to get a real feel of the space in the absence of physical viewings and hopefully drive up the cost of a property too.

A new angle on photography

When buyers haven’t been able to visit possible future homes, it leaves questions unanswered. How do the spaces in the homes link together? What does the neighbourhood look like?

Add-ons to your photography can offer innovative ways to capture a property and can help minimise the risk of unmet expectations later down the line. 
Drones are increasingly being used to produce aerial photos that can, quite literally, give buyers a new perspective on a property and its situation. Videos can also give a helpful walkthrough and are increasingly being used as a pre-viewing tool to whittle down the serious investors.

And it goes without saying that floor plans are always a must for every property to accompany photographs, ideally with the plans and photos cross referenced together and clearly labelled. 

Faster pace of change

Some real estate markets have become highly competitive since the pandemic hit, particularly those with properties in desirable areas or with desirable features like those mentioned above.

This has led to a rapid digitization of the industry as realtors had to shift to using online tools to help cope with the rapid pace of business at a time when face-to-face contact was restricted. 

What was a solution to the challenges of the pandemic has therefore inadvertently brought the industry forward years by speeding up and automating processes.

Sourcing visual content is no exception to this, which can now be ordered online from anywhere in the world and delivered back to clients in a matter of hours.
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