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We’re getting you the centralized solution you’ve always wanted

BY BOOM Editorial

We know what you want: a one-stop solution for all things visual assets!

As discussions progress to shed light on the value of the Worksite, there is one main argument that seems to encapsulate all others; the ability to manage visual assets autonomously.

And that’s exactly why we’re excited about our Worksite’s editing features, intuitive enough to make it possible to quickly crop and modify visuals (no matter how unskilled you are). 

In the same vein as any easy-to-use DIY system, Worksite also makes collaborating and sharing visuals super fast. How? Copy a publishing link and share it wherever, on any digital touchpoint (that’s right - email, social media, website, etc.). 

In other words, a VAM system like Worksite makes visual asset management so effortless that it won’t even feel like an actual task. 


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