Why optimizing content management can increase sales

BY BOOM Editorial

So your business has terrific visual content that resonates with your customers, but your storage solution is a mess. Your filing system has been through multiple iterations, you’re paying for redundant storage space, and it's not efficient.

Whether ecommerce or real estate, pictures sell the dream and attract your ideal customers. That means you have dozens or thousands of digital assets. Not having an efficient content management platform is both costly and stress-inducing. The problem is so rampant that one study shows marketing teams waste three weeks a year looking for files! 

How much would your team’s productivity increase if you had an efficient way to find and store your visual assets? 

8 benefits of a content management platform

From fashion to food delivery to real estate, engaging digital photography drives sales. Your teams can access the visual content they need when you have standard naming conventions and a standardized workflow that everyone follows.

  1. Increased security

Content management tools can restrict access to certain content and even monitor files after distribution, so you know how it’s used, by whom, and where. 

  1. More efficient

The dance of “where did I store that again?” is alive and well. Sadly, it’s not helpful or fun, and it can be downright stressful. But a content management tool provides a framework for storage, collaborating, and editing that’s easy to follow so you never lose your visual content again.

3. Streamlined distribution

You want to get the most out of your visual content investment. As a result, you need an easy way to track, analyze, and repurpose content. A content management platform can help team members see what was published where, when, and how it performed.

  1. Eliminate the possibility of lost work 

Have you ever had files get lost after a photoshoot? Or, someone stored them in Dropbox rather than your agreed-upon content management system? As your company grows, it becomes essential to have an efficient workflow and a central location for content storage.

  1. Improve measurement of ROI

When it comes to digital assets, the name of the game is measuring the Return on Investment. Built-in analytics tools show the top-performing visual assets. This helps you optimize your content strategy and reimagine them in new marketing campaigns. The key is to have everything in one spot where teams can review the photography and other assets to brainstorm new ways of using them. 

  1. Increase editing capabilities 

A quick search pulls up all your relevant photos with a few keywords. Choose the right one, edit as you like, and publish as needed. That’s what a content management platform can do for you. 

  1. Improve creativity

Collaboration is easiest when teams can access the best visual content and build campaigns around it. In some businesses, many digital assets aren’t used because they’re forgotten about on some other platform or mislabeled file. With an improved workflow, you can give your team the space they need to think creatively rather than searching for files. 

  1. Teams can work together remotely

Remote work requires great communication and one way to ensure the right visual content goes out in the right places and at the right time is with an at-a-glance tool that’s efficient and easy to use. A good content management platform keeps everyone in communication.  

You can imagine this formula: better quality content + more efficient workflow & delivery = more traffic + more sales conversions + more revenue. When you use a platform like BOOM which outsources production and improves management, it helps shorten time-to-market, optimize costs, and therefore helps with revenue generation.

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