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The world is experiencing a digital revolution

A global company calls for global responsibility. We are empowering ourselves and the world around us through deeper connections to our core beliefs each and every day.

Where BOOM believes, BOOM emboldens.


Join forces to make the world a better place through the production of visual content. By optimizing time and resources, we focus on the essential and work towards the creation of a great digital ecosystem.


Our company is built by our people, and we support and celebrate their individuality and diversity. Together, we stand stronger, and by accepting and using our differences as power. No one can make it alone, and BOOM’s DNA is made of the fusion of the people included.


A Positive Impact for a Better Tomorrow, acting responsibly and giving back to the planet we live on. We are committed to doing our part and sticking to our principles, contributing to a greater good and a better tomorrow. Beyond our product and our business, we are eager to expand and care for our greater home: our planet.

We promise to amplify diversity, inclusion, health, and curiosity

  • By adding women in the workforce
  • Increasing women in top management roles
  • Creating gender pay equity
  • Developing inclusive language
  • Training for good health and wellbeing
  • Increasing mental health awareness
  • Promoting flexible working schedules
  • Providing access to learning platforms

We promise to spur greater industry collaboration and prosperity

  • By working closely with NGOs
  • Planning roundtables with stakeholders

We promise to narrow our climate impact and go carbon neutral

  • By lowering carbon emissions
  • Increasing low-impact and recycled energy sources
  • Enforcing a green protocol for all suppliers
  • Increasing recycling overall
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