Empower learning

create engaging spaces for hybrid classrooms and training rooms

Video enabled learning is key

A young specialist delivering a microphone to a man during a training session, fostering interactive participation and clear communication.

Higher knowledge

Interactive training methods made possible with video conferencing lead to 20% higher knowledge retention overall

Three young men looking at a screen, engaged in a meeting powered by Boom Collaboration Equipment.

Reduce costs

Video conferencing can reduce training costs by up to 50% by eliminating travel expenses for hybrid employees and out of town lecturers

Students listening to a lecture in a modern classroom. Boom Collaboration Equipment makes a hybrid classroom more dynamic.

Better efficiency

Studies show video conferencing  can improve meeting efficiency  by 31% 

The image showcases four young professionals during a training session in a professional meeting room.

Increased engagement

94% of people report improved team collaboration and  feeling more engaged with video conferencing

Better meetings. Simply.

A male business coach in a suit giving a presentation with a flipchart, enhanced by Boom equipment for clear audio and seamless communication.

Learn more

Enable your classrooms and training facilities  with high quality video conferencing gear to ensure successful and educational sessions for your teams

During an online training session, a man utilizes Boom equipment to facilitate remote learning, saving time and resources.

Skip the airport

Save money and time by switching in person trainings to remote sessions by video enabling both on site training rooms and hybrid attendees with quality equipment

An image featuring a woman lecturer giving a presentation to a group of businesspeople, showcasing engaging collaboration.

Be efficient 

The right audio and video coverage for your training makes workshops and trainings more efficient

Image showcasing a student raising his hand to answer the teacher's question during an education training session, demonstrating active engagement.

Get engaged

Choose the optimal equipment for your classroom to allow for clear communication and collaboration and ensure optimal engagement for your teams

The right gear for your classroom

Elevate meetings with Boom HALO, an all-in-one video bar designed for seamless collaboration. Perfect for training sessions, its expandable audio ensures every voice is heard.

Boom PTZ conference kit

Wireless and expandable audio paired with 4K PTZ camera with 340° range and 26x zoom fully enables every voice and covers every visual with absolute clarity

The WFH Kit includes the Boom MINI and the Boom GIRO. A neatly arranged set of essential items for working from home.

Boom WFH kit

Keep remote attendees engaged and on track with a professional kit designed specifically for your hybrid teams. Professional video and wireless speakerphone that connects with ease and provides an excellent experience

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