Small space, Big meetings

enhance your video collaboration with powerful equipment designed for your space

Unlock the productivity of video

Five women after a meeting using the Boom video conferencing kit, highlighting seamless teamwork.

Better meetings

Video conferencing is shown to improve meeting efficiency by 31%

 Three diverse women collaborating on a project after a video conference meeting, using Boom Huddle kit.

Improved efficiency

Decision making speed is increased by 26% when using video conferencing

Three ladies talking and laughing on a video call, showcasing how Boom Collaboration equipment enables better meetings with high-quality audio and video.

Feel connected

Remote workers with high quality video conferencing equipment report feeling more connected to teams and overall better work experience

Team meeting powered by Boom equipment, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Save time

Video enabling office workers can reduce overall meeting times by 35%

Bottom line: Video enabled teams are better

mage of a young couple engaging in a video call with their parents who are on the other side of the world, using Boom equipment.


Choose video equipment that fits your space and enables a more efficient level of communication. 

Four co-workers engage in a video conference meeting, optimizing communication and productivity with Boom equipment.


Get more done over video with the full picture. Reading body language along with audio cues makes meetings more productive overall.

Enhanced Collaboration in Office Pods: Capture Non-Verbal Cues with Boom Technology.


Hearing a laugh is only part of the reaction to a good meeting. Get the full picture with a complete solution that lets you share the whole story.

Two professionals engaged in a productive video conference meeting, using Boom equipment for seamless communication and collaboration.


Quality video meetings save on the precious resource of time. Skip the planes, trains and autos and visit clients via the cloud.

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