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Small meetings are the cornerstone of teamwork

A professional businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting, utilizing Boom equipment for effective communication.

Flexibility is key

50% of meetings involve five or fewer participants highlighting the need for flexible solutions for small teams

A dedicated mentor explaining the importance of a project to mentees while sitting at a table, utilizing Boom equipment.

Focus on small

Ideal huddles involve 2-6 people which is proven to be more effective in having productive collaboration meetings

A group of coworkers attentively listening to a presentation, with Boom equipment enhancing the audio quality for a more immersive experience.

Emphasize quality

Give teams access to high quality equipment for seamless video and audio meetings that translate to successful results

Huddle Room Collaboration Made Easy: Happy Team Connects with Boom VC (Video Conferencing, Small Meeting Space, Improved Communication, Boom Collaboration)

Unify teams

Quiet focused spaces allow teams to connect with remote workers and clients resulting in more effective meetings

Make your meetings better

Two groups or two and three people engaging in routine work, showcasing a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Flex rooms

Choose spaces and equipment that let teams collaborate in flexible ways with an emphasis on what’s important to teams and a productive experience

Small group of employees engage in a casual discussion, showcasing a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere.

Small is BIG

Small focus meetings are often more productive that traditional all hands meetings leading to increased creativity, problem solving and decision making

A group of young creative team members engaged in discussion, smiling, and laughing during a brainstorming session.

Quality matters

Choose equipment with an emphasis on high quality to elevate the video and audio experience allowing teams seamless communication through any platform

A team of business people engages in a productive meeting focusing on design and planning. Boom Collaboration Equipment transforms any space.

Make space

Turn any space into an ideal focus area with the right equipment and setup

Your best meetings yet

The WFH Kit includes the Boom MINI and the Boom GIRO. A neatly arranged set of essential items for working from home, including a Boom Mini and a Boom Giro during a video conference meeting from home

Boom WFH kit

Wireless audio and the 4K intelligent framing camera provide the perfect audio and video coverage for huddle room

PTZ Huddle Kit that includes the Boom MIDI and the Boom GIRO Pro,  is ideal for huddles that demand attention to small details.

Boom PTZ huddle kit

When your huddle requires focus on small details, Boom MIDI 20x zoom and full PTZ is a perfect choice

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