Maximize learning

enhance student experience and access with quality video solutions

Fewer barriers with video enabled classrooms

A teacher engages with a student during a lecture in a university classroom. Thanks to Boom Collaboration technology, classrooms are empowered, fostering higher engagement and interactive learning experiences.

Higher engagement

Enabling classrooms with video conferencing solutions increases student engagement and participation in discussions by up to 42%.

Image showcasing a teacher addressing university students in a classroom setting. With Boom Collaboration equipment, interactive learning is facilitated through video and audio conferencing solutions.

Interactive learning

Studies show students who participate in interactive video lectures have a 17% higher knowledge retention compared to traditional lectures.

Image showing students talking in a modern meeting room setup with Boom Collaboration Equipment, fostering interactive discussions and collaboration.

Foster collaboration

87% of educators believe video conferencing allows for more interactive learning and a more collaborative setting.

Greater access

Video conferencing provides students with greater access to education, a wider array of instructors, and more opportunities for rural students.

Better meetings. Simply.

A college teacher talking to a group of students during a class in the classroom. With Boom technology, classroom interactions are elevated, fostering effective communication and engaging teaching sessions.

Deep discussions

Video enable your classrooms and remote students to allow for more student engagement and deeper discussions.

A group of elementary students having a computer class with their teacher in the classroom. With Boom technology, classroom learning experiences are enhanced, promoting interactive learning and seamless communication.

Get together. Virtually.

Choose the right equipment for educators and students to facilitate an interactive lesson over video and in hybrid environments.

Students listening to a lecture in a university classroom. Boom Collaboration video and audio solutions enhance education by providing clear, high-quality communication, enabling better understanding and engagement during lectures.

Participation counts

Encourage student participation by employing the hardware to enable easy communication for hybrid classrooms.

Students participating during a lecture by raising their hands in response to the professor's question. With Boom Collaboration Equipment, classroom interactions are elevated, promoting clear communication and active engagement.

Give them access

Video enable your classrooms and educators to offer access to excellent education to students anywhere regardless of location.

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